Saturday, May 9, 2015

Starting with the interior

The siding containers have is not in the usual wave form. It would have been too easy to pick this up at a stationary store...
Internet search does it and I found the perfect one at an affordable price - but in the USA!
Since they are not delivering to Switzerland my friend Cindy (thanks..) will act as a courier and bring it to Switzerland towards the end of the month. Patience ...
This means that I cannot work on the container. So, I decided to start with the center block where I do not depend of wall measurements.

Last year I picked up a 2mm PVC sheet during my holidays in France where I usually spend half a day at Castorama, a super homebuilding shop. And this PVC sheet was now perfect for building the build-in cupboards with a sleek and functional look.
Since the container is higher than a usual room and I wanted to utilize every centimeter of space I made them right to the top. But: how to get there? Problem solved with installing a removable ladder :-)
But where would I store this ladder in a 30m2 house? It never stops, does it?

Next step: kitchen on the back side of this panel...

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