Thursday, July 26, 2018

Metal stairs in industrial loft

If I thought that the steps were a challenge I was a little blue-eyed...
The handrails were just as difficult!

I worked with polystyrol profiles again because it is easier to glue the same two materials together. For a minute, I thought about using wood but quickly dropped that idea.
I wanted to have them all glued and completed before I spray-painted - so that I could fix them to the landing and it was all done. The plan was a good one... but then once in it still needed adjustments and tiny spacers.
Well, it is done now and I am mighty proud of it!!
I have even put some screws into the steel construction to make it look as real as possible.
And the spotlights for the lower floor are well hidden in the real balsa flooring. The back of the room box looks a little adventurous... hihi

The rear wall warped a little - so, I got some picture rails (the metal ones that are fastened to the top of the walls) and glued them with epoxy to the back. It did the trick...

And the entrance door is in as well. Do you think I should put an EXIT sign on it?

I spent last weekend in Paris with a friend and we scouted mini shops as well. The best one was La Boîte au Joujoux where I found the bike for this scene. They have the 'regular' dollhouse stuff but the odd 'fine scale' goods as well.

wonderful detail work - and all this for € 14 !!!!

I have completed the roof already - well, the inside of it. This is an old building but when renovating something like this it definitely needs an insulated roof and all... not just bare corrugated iron!
cutting the stryol curvy to fit the roof shape

spray-painted and drilled 0.8mm holes for the jewelry wire
Structure held together with jewelry wire
But before putting the roof on, I have to complete the inside because I need easy access. So, I guess next will be a stainless-steel kitchen to fit the style...

And BTW: the video of Farmhouse Room Box is now online - complete with Swiss sound :-)

Enjoy summer!