Monday, July 24, 2017

Success with the kitchen!

It is starting to look like a home...

But first about the kitchen - it worked out: no more metal sheeting left! I made both of them twice .. but I really wanted counter tops without scratches or dents..
Just wondered whether there is a foil that looks as good as real metal.. for next time.
The sink is from Evi because she is the only one that has them with the real stainless steel look.
It seems she uses some sort of metal covered styrene...

In case you are wondering where the extractor hood is: the latest development here is Bora!
In my next real life kitchen I definitely want one like that...

And I finally could show off Minifanaberia's dishwasher and Ikea racks on the walls! Yeah!!
And all the other treasures I found at the various fairs. Pots of course from Yukio Kaway in Tokyo. Nearly ready to make the Spaghetti dinner....

I had to scrap the idea of having floor-length white curtains in the house ๐Ÿ˜ข:
There was no space next to the TV area.
The advantage: I can now add indirect light on the ceiling.. still to come.
And I hope that Ingrid will help me with assembling a real working clock on the wall (Ingrid, did you get that?? ๐Ÿ˜).

I planned to use two black industrial lightshades above the dining table. But with this rather colorful and bold painting it looked too much. So I made a much simpler lamp.
This is the original lamp from Prandina... 

mirror inside..

It took me some time until I found a way to point the light upwards and get the reflection on the table: I used a mirror covered styrene and added a rim. .
First tried it with making a mould - but when I put the material in the oven the result made me laugh..

And: so pleased that my Provence house made it to the Frontpage of Miniaturas!
But why on earth did I give her that photo where the window hinge has become loose??? grr

Sunday, July 9, 2017

End of a wonderful weekend

The weather was splendid and instead of doing mini I went river swimming with my son and his friends! Nothing like being in the water when the air reaches 32° in the shade.
First time I used this floating vest (about 4 sizes too big...) and I was totally impressed. This with a waterproof bag - no more inflating the rubber boats and schlepping them around? Will see next time..
My son...

I did a bit of work this week though - next to trying to get rid of a major piece of malware in the Chrome browser... grrr.

I made the oven and found a great way of imitating the door: took perspex and sprayed it with glossy black Edding. Looks just like a black mirror

Got the pretty pleater (thanks Jodi for this information) and tried it with a couple of materials because I need horizontal ones.
The best for these kind of blinds are facial towels - sprayed with a bit of glue/water solution. These facial towels are great for mini towels as well.

And I made the dining room table. The sprouted leg version did not work out -
I spent hours, added additional wood under the table, but then could not drill all the holes at the same angles, etc. Frustration x 2!!
Change of plan and I am very happy with these legs, now. They probably look even better ๐Ÿ˜…

And now comes the real challenge! I somehow have to cut an opening in this sheet metal to fit the sink underneath! Obviously, without scratches, cutting marks and all...

I already messed up two sheets - practice makes perfect they say ... I am working on it  ๐Ÿ˜“

And I went to the Vitra Design Museum (about one hour drive from there I live) to see their new exhibition. That was interesting - but going through their showrooms is even more inspiring...
These books on the floor look great!
Mini - but unfortunately not in 1:12... useless for us...
So, this sums it up. Not productive on the mini side, but great in every way!

Have a super week ahead now.