Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Things are moving slower than planned - but then life has its priorities.
Mine is the business at the moment. I am looking forward to the weekends with nothing to do.. but winter is in sight. Darn, I will miss the daylight for doing my mini stuff!

But I would like to show you some progress which dates back a while already. The kitchen turned out to be a real beauty:
Love the knives I bought at the Kensington Fair from Pierluigi Pirovano!


Looking in from the outside

... and sneak preview of the lounge corner ...

as long as the kitchen is tidy is is not bad to look at from the sofa either...
I did the kitchen fronts with foamed PVC, front for oven and dishwasher comes from Elf (ha, Roni and I now found out how to make these tiny knobs though...), lighting is nano LED, glass on the back of the working surface and sink&tap from my own 3D models on Shapeways (Evelin Klotz has an even nicer sink though..).

Once the bulbs are in the soil and we switched to wintertime - I am sure I have more time for my hobby again :-)
Next up is to complete the lounge/dining corner with all the deco stuff that goes with it, too.
BTW: I could do with a mini sewing or knitting basket - if anyone knows where I could get this...