Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Bedrooms Provencal

My nativity model (last blog entry) is ready in scale 1:10 - but mary, joseph and family have not made it from the U.S. to Switzerland yet - maybe they are having too much fun in California 😉
Well, no photoshooting for x-mas card this year. But I am ready for next Christmas 👍

In the meantime I have completed the two bedrooms upstairs.

The proportions of the rooms were not cosy - so I added ceilings instead of leaving them open to the roof - worked!
I divided them with a wardrobe made with wood veneer. Gives it that country-side look.

Mum wanted hers with wallpaper and a bedside lamp from Miniarquitect (she has excellent taste...)

I did mine in a more Provencal style. The bedcover is a knitting pattern Mum started some 30 years ago, never finished it - but kept it! (This would not have happened to me: I am not a collector and things get thrown away....). Perfect color and size, just had to knit the one ending 😃
Recognize the sneakers? Gift from Carol... ;-)

Electrical candle: made with Fimo, a candle light from Nalladris, and bought some of these cylinders the florists use for putting single flowers in water. There is a glass workshop for disabled persons nearby and they cut it for me into the right length. I was lucky: if the glas were Pyrex (and most of e.g. lab equipment is) they could not have have cut it! This was quite an exercise beause for them it was not routine work and it was all trial-and-error.
at the glass workshop - grinding them straight was tricky...

Busy with landscaping and roof right now...
Enjoy the Festive Season - whatever you are up to!

Regards, Marion

P.S. My tree is already done :-)