Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lounge corner, guest bed, dining area, lamps again... and finishing the inside

Loads of photos to show this time... ;-)

You probably noticed: designer lamps are really a passion of mine...
The first thing when I entered the venue for a birthday party last week, was looking at the lighting! I thought that these were awesome (Foscarini Tress) - and tried to make them in mini the next day. I got there - not quite as perfect as I wanted though - but after trying with string, fine paper, gesso, 2mm ribbon I settled for 60g paper, glue and gesso. And a tiny nano LED - after all it is just for ambience.

First thing I made for the lounge corner was the sofa. Not only did it have to have a 'light' appearance (heavy furniture in this small place would be suffocating ..) but it had to have the dual function of use as guest bed.
I shortened the legs somewhat because it was too high like this..
LOUNGE CORNER: Then there was the bookcase. I made one with foamed PVC - again as 'light' as possible but it turned out to be too solid and sturdy. So, I had these USM Haller 3D models I made a year ago (and never used): they looked perfect! Painting the chrome railings was a bit demanding because the base unit was not polished when printed and very porous... tricky. But you will have to look extremely closely to find the messy spots :-)
The bookshelf I made to look as similar as possible with 1mm foamed PVC. 
The printer is as well made from foam board. I enjoyed to finally use some of the loot from the Kensington Fair: vases from Ray Storey, wood bowl for the plant, baskets and a collectors item vase (on top) I found in at the Basel Dollhouse Museum two years ago.
The low table which Carol laser-cut for me from a design by Swiss Damian D, the candle from Roni, and this wonderful orchid from Petite Fleur (Gill Rawling): they all look great together. I printed the picture on fabric (thanks Annina) and did a bit of extra for the cushion. 
But I imagined sitting there and watching telly and doing nothing with my hands - not possible! So, how about a knitting project?

DiNING AREA: it took a bit of thinking to figure out how to hang the ceiling lamp above the dining table without attaching it to the ceiling, which I want to be able to take off. I fed it through the kitchen cupboards into a beam across the room - and I just see that I need to level this out ;-(

And I found a perfect place für Annina's shelf, filled with the wonderful pottery from French Elisabeth Causeret

With this, the interior is done now and I am ready to tackle the roof and the outside.
The ceiling with the spotlights is ready...