Monday, December 4, 2017

Moving patio door

Here a follow-up on today's blog (especially for Kristine from paperdollminiatures  ;-)!

How-to-do the hinges was the issue...

I decided to use black electrician tape (very sticky and is a bit elastic) to attach the panels to each other. Then I covered this with the window frame pieces, made from styrene strips.
Note: I used double sided sticky tape to attach the frame strips to the acrylic glass - after messing up a first lot with glue... ;-)

I then drilled tiny holes into the acrylic glass (2mm thinck) to insert the pins at the top and the bottom of the panels.
The grove at the top and bottom:

And that was it!

Inside complete!

The photos say it all!


please note the paperclip  ;-)


I had to re-do the light above the dining table because it was not bright enough. Pity... the original was much better...

Photographing is never easy: xxxx shots, getting extra lights, and then there is glare in the window or dust or specs on the floor ... back to starting again! What a crux being a perfectionist (only with minis!!!) ....

It seems as if the house building is coming to an end :-(

Gutters and down pipes:
I used 12mm black binding combs, glueing two together to get the half round shape
Bent the cut off rings to make the gutter holders

Working with foam board it was easy to press and glue these into the roof

Down pipes made from wood dowels. The devil is in the detail: I had to make the end part hollow...
Painting thin wood panels without warping:
I did not like the wooden walls ouside around the high windows. Easy - paint it concrete. Haha, we all know what a water based paint such as acrylic does with 1mm wood panels! I tried to to seal the wood with polymer glue but that did not work. The only solution will be to cover the entire side with a new panel: cement paint on styrene. But I first had to order more concrete paint...

Since Patricia Santi did not respond to my request for Moon Boots, I had to make them myself!
The process made me admire all those who make these cakes and stuff from polymer...

Hey, we had first reasonable snow this morning (400m a.s.l.) !! Was waiting for this because I want to take background photos for the video of the house.

And: Festive Season in full swing!
Hugs, Marion

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Someone said that the sewing room was not messy enough!
So - here with some additional decoration
To this I added the ironing corner (with distilled water for the iron ... hihi)

I spent last weekend in Ludwigsburg at Ingrid's house and met up with Stephan and Joe for mini talk, Spätzle and Gulasch and a serious discussion about interpreting paintings!
And I collected a few things I have ordered...

Stephan Wein made the salad gear for me in silver...
he said that he will make a few more for Kensington Fair next spring...
Joeachim Kühner made a black rim (re-firing the plates) on the spaghetti bowls I bought in Chicago
Now, my dining table looks like this:
... fiddly project to make the parmigiano cheese...

Ingrid Auer made this beautiful wrath

And this was certainly not planned!! But I could not resist getting this beautiful tree she made
iccles are hand-blown glass ... incredible detail!

Yes, the roof is in the making... looks already convincing from the inside ;-)
great moment when I could mount the spotlights!
These are the news from my side...
Ah, exept this: it looks as that interview with 'thedailymini' last month triggered off something. Shortly after that was published, Shapeways asked me to feature my work...

Friday, October 27, 2017

Sewing area upstairs

I was in Provence for two weeks ... prolonging the summer.

Our friends' house we rent every year. It is adjacent to the one I buildt in mini ;.)

So, there was only minimal progress on my mini house.
Before adding the roof I had to complete the interior of the upper floor. This open space belongs to a hobby seamstress. Here we go...
The sewing macine with working light is from Fanaberi

Iron/ironing board are from Fanaberi

Here how I made the floor lamp:
I embedded the led in this plastic material

Then made the casing from styrene. Added a metal plate on top so that the light would no shine through - because the led is facing upwards! This way, the light sources are a little more difuse. I wanted something resembling a neon light...

Big honor: I was asked by Kate from 'dailymini' for this interview!

So, I think now I am ready to tackle the roof...
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Update Modern Wood House - September 2017

This coming Friday I am off the my annual stay in Provence! And with the beautiful weather and my new e-bike all mini activities moved a bit to the background.

Alas - when trying to get off the bike three days ago - in an 'artful' way - my foot took a beating!
Good side of it: I now have ample time for an update before leaving 😃.. and with today's medicine nobody really has be in pain..
The dicy side of this: not sure yet whether I can manage the 8-hour drive on Friday ... will see...

I wanted to use the semi-precious gem stones and composed this.
Covered wood dowels with real concrete..
Once the roof is in, I can install the spotlights as well.
I tried various ideas and this one worked best: I used various sizes of metal end sleeves for electrical strands (you get them at electrical supply shop), bulbs from Nalladris and a U-shape styrene piece.

And I made the banisters for the upper floor.
Messed up again with superglue and perspex - will I ever learn?
So, I made this image to keep this firmly in my mind:
The thing to use is the double sided 3mm or 6mm tape!

And then installed the handrail for the stairs. Mind you, not just handrails - I added indirect lighting!! This proved to be a bit more difficult than I thought. I prepared a nice wooden handrail and when I inserted the lightstrip it actually shone through!  grrr...

After more trials I used an L-shaped styrene strip, covered the sides with wood strips, added brackets, then inserted the light strip and fiddled around with hiding the wires...

To imagine something is one thing - getting it to work out is another  😊 ! 
It would have been nicer with a solid light strip... but I have not come across something like that in mini, yet
Addendum Nov. 17: 
- one could use white perspex and add the led strip behind it. The further the distance, the less you see the light sources and the perspex becomes evenly lit.
- Another suggestion I got (after finishing the lights...): use 4.5V instead of 12V for these lights. They will not be that bright - a good thing for indirect.

So, now fingers crossed for my driving ability... back with updates end of October or so...
Hugs to all.