Monday, July 4, 2022

It has been a while...

Quite frankly - I thought I was done with minis. No urge, no time, no mini-eye, no nothing for the past two years. The world was and is going mad! Together with a group of friends we tried to keep it in balance for many people in Switzerland.

But miracles happen sometimes...  My daughter, not a miniturist but a historical costume maker, made a 1:12 mother's day floral arrangement. 

And then she started making more flowers, plants, macrames, fimo food and incredible stuff I would never have the patience for. 

And she needed a room box for all this, Spanish/Mexican Hacienda-style. 
So, this is how I got back into it. 

It is amazing: my dad was a model-railway-builder in gauge 1, I am doing architectural models and now my daughter started as well! It must be the genes... :-)

The room box is not finished yet - but I am sooo proud of these palm trees!

I ordered some laser-cut leaves lare tropical leave) from  knowing that they will not be large enough for 1:12. But then - we all know how to make things work :-)  Copied and enlarged them and cut them out with the nail scissors. When coloring them, best not use high gloss...

The stems have a wire I covered with household paper and then with rings of Super Sculpy. They looked hideous when they came out of the oven :-). But paint and sanding made them look like stems of a palm tree-

P.S. I am talking to Yen in Belgium to laser cut larger leaves for scale 1:12. Hopefully he will take up the idea...


  1. My goodness - for someone who is "not a miniaturist" she has done an incredible job!! the flowers and cake are perfection. The talent obviously runs in your family. The palm trees and beginning of the hacienda are marvelous as well. What a great return to the miniature world! - Marilyn D., New Brunswick, Canada

  2. Hi Marion! It's so great to see a post from you! How incredible to have your daughter suddenly find her passion and talent for minis (like mother, like daughter) and to have it reignite yours! The flowers, cake and palm tree are awesome and so inspiring! I love hacienda style and your structure is already looking super neat! I hope your mini drive has returned for good and look forward to seeing more!

  3. I went through a 12 year mini sabbatical, so I totally get what you're saying about thinking that you were "done with minis". But what a lovely way for you to become re-committed via the untapped miniature talents of your daughter- a Happy Mother's Day indeed!
    Your daughter appears to be as gifted as you are Marion in several different disciplines and it's no surprise since being able to navigate the world of minute details runs in your family!
    Personally I think that it must be not only invigorating but encouraging for you to know that this aspect of your family's heritage will continue to flourish! VIVA the MINIS!

  4. Your daughter's work is absolutely fantastic! Also your hacienda looks very good. I think all miniaturists go through periods of making none or very little but the passion often returns.