Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Video of Paris Townhouse

I neglected this blog somewhat and a follower now inspired me to post again. Thanks Michael..

First of all: I completed the video of the 'Boulevard Haussmann' top floor appartment!

And - yes - I did work with Kapaline foamboard. For the lower floor walls I used 3X10mm walls in order to get the necessary recess for the windows.

At the moment I am busy as projet manager in real life with the renovation of a terrasse roof garden. The roof hat to be replaced and this was the opportunity for the owner to make something beautiful - especially since the view is absolutely fabulous!

In order to show him what I planned I made a 1:24 model for him

Let's hope for no rain so that the workmen can get going....


  1. Amazing Marion! I love the designs you've incorporated into the Paris apartment, and I think your half scale model could work you into a whole new design business! It is really great to see you back here, and I enjoyed the video!

  2. I love your Paris apartment! It's so realistic. Fantastic work!