Thursday, February 26, 2015

Log Cabin Video

The worst thing about making a video is detecting the flaws!
So, there I was thinking everything was as perfect as it could be...
Carpet that was not laying firmly to the ground, a piece of thread that was not cut, a toothpick left on the lounge floor (!), tape of the background picture was in the photo, etc.
After about 8 hours of cutting I found myself with another 8 shots that had to be re-done! grrr..
But eventually I had to control my perfectionism and just get on with it :-)

Now, proudly presenting the video of the Log Cabin!!

And since I had a few pix taken during construction and was now fully familiar with imovie 10
I assembled as short 'making of' trailer as well... just for the fun of it.

Mini plans (next to a busy time at work...)?
- doing some skiing and enjoying winter outdoors
- some real 'renovation' work at my home
- David Neat workshop would be great, too..

New blog posting the moment the fever hits me again ... probably real soon ...