Sunday, November 27, 2016

Modern Miniature Nativity

I am so excited! Just found and bought these miniatures....


Now I will give them a different shelter and put them into a more urban environment.
How the heck can I intergrate a cow in this?? Or a sheep? mh....
My mind is just boggling with ideas!!

Only four weeks to go  - this will be fast and furious!

Update, January 24 2017

Well, the figures did not make it for the christmas card fotoshooting. Never mind, it is now ready for this year's card.
The bus stop seemed to be an ideal scenery for them :-)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Garage with laundry and work bench

The addition of the garage with the workbench and the pottery studio is completed - except for the tiles on the roof and the light above the entrance of the studio.
With this addition the house is getting bigger... and intended to make something small again... haha.
I even had to make it in two pieces so that it would fit through the room door!
Definitely too many ideas I want to see in mini format 😉

Short Video

Carol gave me lots of inspiration for the workbench with her tutorials - and even sent me a few goodies I was not able to make, such as the perfect paint tray. Thanks my friend...
And I finally could use her tool and stacking boxes - yipee!!!

The pegboard is made from stuff one needs for circuits, copper lined on the back. Got it as a electronic rummage shop nearby.

Most of the tools (and especially the vice!) are from Superior Dollhouse, and Miniatures World.
Obviously all shipped via my friend Cindy in the U.S. - thanks Cindy!!

The garage door was tricky: the house is situated in a narrow road that does not allow the garage door to protrude into the road - otherwise one can never get into it with a car.
For a minute I thought about automatic openin/closing .. but only for a minute ;-) I mean, how crazy can you get ???
here the meachnism, made it with plastic ASA

This is what the addition-to-the-house project looks like right now - I wonder whether there is actually space for the car ?!