Monday, June 17, 2019

It is a man's world and loft ...

... and that it why the sofa HAS to be leather!!
I personally would not even consider leather as an option because I always slide around on this material. But all my male friends are totally set on leather couches....

Granted, with a carpet and some accessories leather looks pretty cool!

The reading spot that clamps onto the iron pole needed a bit of creativity. I found the shade in a model building shop for ship models. After spending some one hour in there I found these metal parts, hoping that I could use them for the clamp..

And now this guy needs a TV and some sort of a bookshelf....

Hugs, Marion

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Kitchen Loft Style

Going to the 1:12 Fair in Rheda, Germany, and seeing my mini friends has inspired me again!
So, I finally completed the kitchen in my loft.

I thought that this kind of apartment does not need a kitchen fan - enough air circulating ;-)
I found these handles in a shop for model airplanes.

Here some details...
Note the light in this cupboard and I managed to put rails for the shutter on the sides. Bending the brass without losing the grove of the rail was the challenge...
The toaster and kettle are from Minifanaberia - just perfect as always!
I even fround garlic, onions and potatoes for the basekt!

Oops, the soap seems to fall over just now! But the industrial look faucet from Mini Arquitect Fransciso is super realistic!
The tools on the wall are from various sources: Minifanaberia, Pierluigi and the brush I made myself.

And the bathroom is now fully equiped with toothbruh, towels and all. I have not managed to find a shaver as yet, since Ulus Miniatures does not sell online any longer... just at fairs ;-(.

Next up: making furniture for the lounge...