Sunday, February 25, 2018

Biedermeier room box

Long time no blogging - but I was in Cape Town for a month. The water shortage was not so much of an issue - but when I moved on to Durban for another week I really appreciated the long and hot shower !

You probably wonder why I make a Biedermeier room box - totally different from anything I ever made.
My non-mini friend Maya sent me this foto of what she found in her closet and asked me whether I has use for it. Never... but then I know that she loves this interior style and dollhouse stuff. So, this room box will be a surprise for her - good thing she does not read my blog 😉

Since I make most furniture myself, working with kits was something new for me.

And here a few pix...
Now it just needs her cups and cake on the table...
Added a light in the alcove of the writing desk because there was not enough space on the surface for an office lamp

I minimized fotos I had of her and her family to make an ancestry picture display... bet she is going to love this!
Made a see-through front for this wall clock and just love the petit-point pully for the servant

I had this lamp (not electrified) for a long time and it finally has the perfect place!

Jodi, the pleater you suggested came in very handy ... ;-)

By the way...

My space situation became just a 'little' cramped and I was considering putting at least one house in a storage room. Before doing that, I advertised on a Swiss platform and attracted a young couple living two villages away from my place!  'Glenwood'  house moved on - and this without having to wrap everything because we simply could load it into their van! They really appreciated the work: the mini scene is not unknown to them because their great-aunt is the famous Heidi Ott!!

So, knowing that it would be cherished and in good hands I did not feel sorry at all to let it go...

Now there is space for new projects!