Saturday, July 9, 2016

Miniature Kitchen with natural stone walls

I have been pottering around quite happily and my house is now starting to take shape.

the kitchen, which I did twice because I did not like the first more rustic version.. it somehow competed with Pipi's door.

...see what I mean?
Pierluigi's gas hob is perfect for a French country house and I was glad he gave me a couple of extra dials for the oven. For the first time I used these tiny LED lights from Nalladris. They are a little whiter than the ones I usually use but: they have white wire and no resistor I need to hide somewhere!

made a few pieces of furniture
- A console in the entrance hall using the baskets I got from Louise Pendereich and lamp from Francisco.

- A country style dresser for the dining area. First bought this one but this was way too big for a private home - I never noticed that it was meant for shop furnishing;-). 

And third:
I completed all the wiring and things I needed access to - and then came the big moment where I could put in the ceiling!

Now, it was time to fit all the ceiling hanging lamps, especially my Ingo Maurer Zettel lamp!

The chairs are standard stuff: broke off the back, gave it an angle to make the chair more realistic, repainted and recovered. The table is standard as well but I only used the leg and made a new top. 

Great to share this diary with you all :-)