Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Industrial Loft part 1 - brick walls and stairs

So, I now got really started with it. Having limited space for additional full houses (or in this case a locomotive shed..) I decided to make a room- or wall-box.
The support under the landing is only temporary...

For the brick walls I used the products from Bromley. Real bricks would have been fun - but the model would have become too heavy for wall-mounting. As a base I used Kappa Foamboard. The trick was to work on both sides simultanously so avoid warping. And using lots of weights to keepy them wall flat.

For about a week my kitchen looked more like a workshed ... I lived on carrots and cold meat.. and cherries, of course 😉

The experience from the stone walls of the Provence house taught me....
1. 'Making' bricks with the stencil on the foamboard
2. coloring the brick with a tiny sponge and water color in various shades
3. a coat of matte varnish
4. another coat of matte varnish
5. smearing the mortar - and wiping most of it off again!

The stairs were another issue! There just seems to be no easy way out...
- First I tried this method because it looked convincing and easy - but it used up too much of the floor space.

- Then I made a styrene model - but decided that the upper floor was too large. Missed the loft look with the very high room!

- Finally, I decided to make them 'floating' and used 2mm polystyrene, cutting extremely accurate pieces.
This meant to make a cardboard model first. But by now I knew how high and wide the steps had to be...
Two steps are extended so that I can push them into the wall so that I do not need pilars to hold the stairs in place.

The next step is making the in-between-floor on a steel construction.
I am definitely having fun !!

Hugs, Marion