Thursday, August 10, 2017

Printable miniature book covers in German and English

Tick off 'fit to page' when printing pdf..
I used 115g photo paper (thinnest I could find) and foam board

Bathroom and guest toilet

After installing he upper floor, the light cables, the outside siding and carefully measuring the dividing walls inside so that they all have the same angle as the roof - I started with furnishing of the tiny guest toilet and the bathroom.
Bedroom and bathroom will have lowered ceilings because of the proportions of the rooms - just did not look cosy enough when peeping in from the outside ...

Here is becomes visible: I want to make a gallery ...
As you can see here I work with loads of foam board and cover it with thin basswood sheeting. Used real wood though for the ceiling of the ground floor.
The gutter downpipe will hopefully conceal the wood cracks - but this outside wall is removable
First decision was how to tile the shower. I opted for wood 'ceramic' tiles (made from popsicle sticks) to stick to the minimalistic look.

I first had to make the furniture for the guest toilet before putting the wall in - too tight to put my hands in after that..

A tiny hand wash basin for a tiny guest toilet
It is amazing what one can make with the parts of a hearing aid!

dry run to see if this utensil shelf fits....
Orso returned my salad bowl filled with greeneries 😊. That will be the deco on the dining table.

And the warm evenings were great for making some books sitting outside until the daylight faded... or the mosis gave me a hard time ;-)

And I added a few more items to my Shapeways shop: a director's chair, sidetable indoor/outdoor in two sizes and stackable Ikea chairs.

It shows that I had a bit of a summer break at the office... lol.