Monday, April 6, 2020

Tutorial scale 1;12 round modern wood Dining Table

You need:
·      basswood, thinner one for the legs, thicker (3-4mm) for the top.
·      balsa for the centerpiece
·      Sanding paper and patience

I started off by making a prototype in cardboard. The most important was that the legs looked proportionally right.

Once happy with the look, I cut a tabletop and sanded it on the disc sander to a perfect 12cm circle.
Then I sanded the edges so that the appearance of the tabletop became elegant.

Then I used this template to make 4 legs.

Best to wrap the basswood with masking tape because it easily chips when cutting.
I cut mine with a standard japan knife because basswood is not very hard.

Next step: made a square balsa piece into a ‘cross’. This is about 1.2cm long.
Then glued the legs one by one onto that piece using a Lego guide so that the legs all touched.

Painted the center part and the table top with ‘walnut’ glaze (Lasur), and then hoped that the top was dead straight!

Alas, the level did detect a flaw!

The easiest way was to add a piece of paper/cardboard right under the table top.
Sanding off to get it level is much more difficult and usually spoils it all.

Now the table was ready to be shown off!


  1. Thank you really clear instructions. I've bookmarked it so I can find you again

  2. This is a stunning table!
    Thank you for sharing your tutorials with the world.

  3. That is a beautiful table. Thank you for the clearly written tutorial. I especially appreciated the tip to protect the bass wood with masking tape while cutting.

  4. This is beautiful! I really need to do this for my Downtown Loft. Gorgeous and your tutorial is clear and simple.

  5. This is awesome Marion and I'd love to try the pattern out on my Maker! Thanks for sharing!!!

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