Sunday, May 24, 2015

Irina Polin: Artist/Photographer of Minis

Now this is something so special - there is no way I cannot share it! When I saw these photos of a mini house I was absolutely fascinated not only with how Irina Polin photographed them but as well with the shabby look, which she 'decorated' with surprises.

She found this old dollhouse on the side of a road, ready to be carted to the 'dump' and it was one of those 'must-have' situations. To her it looked as if the interior were dating back to the 60ies. It took her some time to find additional scale things to complement this interior .. and since she likes to irritate the viewer, she added non-scale items to the rooms :-). Spot them!
For her, art should remain mysterious and provocative.

Irina Polin was born in the USSR, in Moscow. She lives and works in Switzerland.
She started her artistic career as a painter and that is why her photography is always a performance, an installation, which she prepares carefully before taking a picture.

This is the selection '12 rooms' (there does not seem to be a pix no. 12....)
And: larger version of photos best seen via the link of her Website

Irina, thanks for letting me share this!

See her video as well..

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