Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Kensington Dollhouse Festival 2015

The two days at the fair were stunning! The amount of really excellent miniatures offer such choices that decision making takes time - I definitely needed a second afternoon to spot the all the things I missed on the first day :-)

The best thing though was doing this together with Carol and Annina! We had laughs and could get excited together. With their high quality expectations we only got the best!

My big bottles in mini version from Ray Storey
 Fabulous pottery from Elisabeth Causeret.. put into scene..
 Wonderful small wood bowl for display or future pot plant arrangements from Kim Belwood
This is the boat I did not get - I was too slow. But it is now with Carol and I am looking forward to see how she will display it :-)
Amazing how tiny these knives are! Got some more metal items for the BBQ stand I want to make. Le Mini di Pierluigi
 Commercial - but it was the next best thing to a Nespresso...
 My pride: Petite Fleur from Yorkshire makes this out of brass! Simply stunning
The present from Carol: her laser cutter is great for things like this lamp shape and the Ikea chair! We decided to use it for a couple of other ideas, too ;-)

So, this was the first mini fair I went to. I heard that the one in Chicago has even more exhibitors!!

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