Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lamps, lamps, lamps...

I want really contemporary lamps for the container house. So, I rummaged through all the plastic bits I collected and found really great material to work with!

The first was the reading light behind the sofa. Here I worked with metal for the lampshade.

Next was one for the outside, next to the entrance door. There I wanted a more industrial look..

The Constanza lamp from Luceplan I have in my real home and I really like the design. Problem is though that the electrical wires need a thicker stem than in real - so the lamp does not look quite so delicate as in real life. And after 3 attempts I even got the lampshade right ;-)

The last one in this series was a real challenge: a copy of a Frisbi lamp by Flos!
I am nearly there - but it needs some fine-tuning like getting the wires totally straight.. haha.

And now off to start working on the outside - my siding for the outside has arrived from USA!

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