Thursday, June 11, 2015

Working with plastic

Because the container is metal I noticed that I worked with plastic rather than wood! Curious, because I prefer wood. It is probably because I really want to maintain the industrial looks - very smooth and metallic.

The siding has arrived and it is wonderfully easy to work with. Now I finally know how thick the walls will be.
Decided that the 8 corners of each container with holes for the crane and all could only be done in 3D.

I needed to put on my thinking-hat because I did not want the windows to have outside frames. After three different and fiddly concepts I opted for L-shape ASA profiles for the frames in the wall openings. Wonderfully easy to spray paint as well - they do not even need a base coat.

The windows frames are a question of patience: cutting 3mm strips of 0.5mm polystyrol sheets, spraying them (all round - mind you - because otherwise some white is bound to show up..), and the glueing them ever so carefully to the perspex. Needless to say that I messed up one window really good...

And now I need to decide on the color of the siding - no mean task...
Let me know what you think. I will 'age' it later one though.

More plastic: my new under-counter sink model has arrived from Shapeways! But I am not happy because of the printing lines inside: not really possible to sand them. So, I need to find a better solution...

 But the tap has turned out rather nice... if you need one, you can order it from my shop

Note the dishwasher brushes. If anyone has a better idea for bristles, please let me know!

Update July 30, 2015: a model railway builder friend brought me some NOCH synthetic grass, which he suggested as bristles for my scrubbing brush. This and a dab of super glue gel worked like a charm!!

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