Sunday, June 21, 2015

Windows, windows, windows...

The last 2 weeks were all about windows and sliding doors!
The most elaborate one was the bathroom window: how to be able to open the top part and find a blind that creates some privacy. Tried some really fine fabric first, but paper not just looked better but was easier to work with as well.

Choice of handles... finally I used the grey curtain plastic curtain hook.

Glueing the metal strips around the windows had me mess up a few perspex windows. This stopped when I started using 3mm double-sided tape! It seems to take failure before one thinks of alternatives.. next time I would use proper 2mm glas rather than perspex ..
All windows in now (not glued yet) and all walls painted.
The tiny white thing on the table is a prototype for the edges of the container.

Now, here to great collaboration between Carol Mitcheson and me: I made some sort of a pattern for a small table and she laser-cut and sent it to me! Looks absolutely fabulous :-)
I placed it into the house to remind me that I do the wiring before laying the floor.. grin, Carol..

Entrance door is the next step - and the locks for the 'real' container door. It has a lot of hinges and small stuff...  looks like a shallenge.

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