Thursday, July 9, 2015

Venetian wood blinds

The logical next step would now be to do the bathroom while the two containers are still not attached. 
But sometimes things just work differently! I found Gary's blog and is working on the same as I do! So, we could exchange experiences and that really helped.

The first try was with cutting 5mm veneer into slats. But the wood split badly and of course at all the crucial places ;-). I then got 5mm wood strips I only had to cut to the length.

Gary's idea with keeping the slats in place by drilling holes was excellent! I had to off-center them at the top piece because I had to consider depth of the window frame as well as being able to attach a cord to it for lifting and lowering the blinds (not working though like Gary's...).

But instead of making the ladders myself I found some curtain material with 5x5mm holes, hung them with a weight attached at the end. That made it all somewhat easier.

All looked great! But when I wanted to fold them the result was GRRR!! 
My curtain material was to thick to fold nicely. 

I decided to only add as many slats as I want the blind to be high - this way you cannot really take it up and down ... but it looks great as well. And threading them at the side keeps them in place. 

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