Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tiny bathroom

Not much space for the bath - and the washing machine! Exactly 3.5 m2. And there is a large window as well...

I first made the 'laundry tower', then the dividing wall for the geyser and electrical mains in the back

Instead of building IN the house I made an element.

I had a hard time deciding what tiles I should put in: my favorite were mini mosaic ones - but in this small room it looked a bit too busy. When I finally made up my mind I tried my best - but it is obvious that I have not done much mini tiling yet..  I worked with fractions of millimeters because the tiles need to rest on the rim of the shower base. 

And the shower base in itself was a challenge because my benchmark was the one in Carol's last blog.  I made two from foam board, one from thick PP sheet, one from cardboard, one from foam rubber covered with gesso and finally settled for 1mm PP sheet material I sprayed glossy white. 
This after the very promising cardboard model was ruined because I left it outside to dry - and was caught by a sudden downpour, grrr

Then to my absolute favorite: the lights! More spots will eventually be installed in the lift-off ceiling.

Next step is putting the two containers together, doing the wiring and then lay the floor.
Keep u posted..

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