Sunday, May 3, 2015

Start of new project

After a bit of a break and doing real-life renovations (not completed yet, but well underway) the pictures of all these tiny homes on Pinterest intrigued me and the idea of using old shipping containers to build a home grabbed me!
And once I started scouting the internet I was amazed at what was already done by some very creative folks. I saw as well that Paris Renfroe already made wonderful single units - but I want a house that works, not single rooms!! Needless to say - in the same quality ;-)

My plan: something small with one bedroom, using two 6m x 2.45m containers (it is either that or a 12m monster). It is a tiny home measuring less than 30m2! So, not much space to play around with - maybe I best have a look at Ikea how they furnish small spaces like this :-)

It rained all weekend and it was perfect to draw some plans on 3D Live Interior...
The 3D view then resulted in something like this:

Bird's eye view puts it all into perspective
Next steps:
  • electrical plans
  • finding the corrugated siding in scale
  • figuring out which parts of the house can be moveable so see inside..

That will keep me busy before I can start building ;-)

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