Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Arched windows in brick walls

I knew that this smelled like trouble!!!

The plan:
fitting arched windows into a brick wall. Obviously, the window frame is brick as well.
Simple, right?
The reality:
even though I got the perfectly lasered windows from Pepper already months ago, I ignored them and did other things. Until now. I knew perfectly well that this would be a difficult part of the build because I have seen friends who seem to have abandoned their project when they could not get it right 😉

So, here a step-by-step description - just in case someone else wants to have a go at this... haha.
  • I cut the opening into the 2cm foambard as accurately as I could.. ha
  • I decided that I wanted brick window sills on the outside
  • I sprayed the windows
  • I glued a 2cm cardboard strip around and fit them into the openings
  • I glued the windows with frame into the opening
  • I polyfilled the gaps around the window frames - and realized that the brick stencil was smaller than actual arch... my design mistake ... grrr...
  • I covered the windows to protect them from the brick plastering, hoping that I won't rip off the plastering when I remove the masking tape..
  • I was fed up and distracted myself, went to Zürich and bought an iphone11pro - the camera with the 3 lenses is out of this world!!!
  • I plastered the outside wall and around the corners right to the window itself. Fiddly stuff. Used Bromley's stencils and brick compound. And I used the weights so that this would not warp!!!

  • I rewarded myself with 10 days in St. Remy-de-Provence, France
  • I then had some urgent projects at work..... by now it is November....
  • I attached the magnet to house and outside wall
  • I plastered the inside wall 
  • I plastered the window sills (to be glued in later)
  • Now I cut the stencil so that I could use this part so that the brick went round the corner to the window frame.

  • I colored the bricks with water color to make them look real, applied two coats of matte acryl varnish to seal the bricks, waited...  Grouted. The grouting process is delicate because most of it needs to come off the bricks again: if done when not dry enough it will attack the varnish, if done when too dry it does not come off. And as always: weights to prevent warping...
  • I made a black cardboard frame around the windows inside
  • I attached window sills inside and out

More progress:

the loft now has roofing and all the ceiling lights are in as well
I made a trash bin for the kitchen and a sports bag together with my mini friends from Basel

.. and I made a dining room table

So, enough. Now it is time to finish off inside...


  1. Your work on your arched brick windows is SUPERB, Marion! The brickwork couldn't be better even if you were a professional bricklayer. The grouting is equally meticulous and the over all end result is so close to being REAL that if you didn't know any better, a viewer would immediately believe that it was scaled 1:1 ❣️
    And my compliments to you are extended to the waste bin, dufflebag and the dining room table, as well. Your keen eye for interior decorating and your ingenuity when making the accessories, is bar none! ❤️

    1. elizabeth, so nice of you to give me all this feedback :-)
      p.s. I will come to the chicago show in april. will you be there, too? it would be great to meet you f2f...

  2. So many stages, so many steps, such careful and exacting work! But incredibly, heart-throbbing results, Marion! I just love your dedication to getting difficult things done to perfection, and the loft facade is outstanding! The interior accessories and furnishings are just as thoughtfully created and I am excited to know you are making progress! Excellent work!

    1. hi jodi, yep, it was a long process which I obviously dreaded. but now, I am really pleased with the result. amazing how much feedback I get on instagram... I am overwhelmed. good for the self-esteem ;-)
      p.s. will you be in chicago in april?

  3. Oh they're gorgeous! Totally worth all the time and trouble. They look so real.

    1. thanks, sheila. you are right - worth the trouble...!!
      p.s. will you be in chicago in april?

  4. When I saw your first photo I thought the brickwork was real brick, it looks fantastic, and the building looks great.

    1. hi polly, well - then I have reached the goal ;-) ... I wanted them to look absolutely realistic. thanks for the compliment :-)