Monday, December 4, 2017

Inside complete!

The photos say it all!


please note the paperclip  ;-)


I had to re-do the light above the dining table because it was not bright enough. Pity... the original was much better...

Photographing is never easy: xxxx shots, getting extra lights, and then there is glare in the window or dust or specs on the floor ... back to starting again! What a crux being a perfectionist (only with minis!!!) ....

It seems as if the house building is coming to an end :-(

Gutters and down pipes:
I used 12mm black binding combs, glueing two together to get the half round shape
Bent the cut off rings to make the gutter holders

Working with foam board it was easy to press and glue these into the roof

Down pipes made from wood dowels. The devil is in the detail: I had to make the end part hollow...
Painting thin wood panels without warping:
I did not like the wooden walls ouside around the high windows. Easy - paint it concrete. Haha, we all know what a water based paint such as acrylic does with 1mm wood panels! I tried to to seal the wood with polymer glue but that did not work. The only solution will be to cover the entire side with a new panel: cement paint on styrene. But I first had to order more concrete paint...

Since Patricia Santi did not respond to my request for Moon Boots, I had to make them myself!
The process made me admire all those who make these cakes and stuff from polymer...

Hey, we had first reasonable snow this morning (400m a.s.l.) !! Was waiting for this because I want to take background photos for the video of the house.

And: Festive Season in full swing!
Hugs, Marion

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