Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Photo shooting and making a video

As much as I love working on a project - coming to an end is great as well ✌✌✌

Taking photos and video shots

This was always meant to be a winter house and the snow around here came just at the right time (gone again since yesterday)! For the photo shooting I wanted some of the pix to be done outside, whilst others I did in the warm inside using a poster backdrop I photographed and had printed.
Background poster 60cm high
Outside shot
All my pictures and videos are taken with the iphone6. Most shots and definitely all videos are taken holding the phone horizontally! Nothing worse than having black voids left/right of the video picture.

- For hard-to-get-to places I use a 360° blue-tooth selfie stick. The 360° the vital feature because I really want the phone to swivel the way I need it.
- The tripod ensures really sharp takes.
- For the videos I need to be in a non-cramped position and have a steady hand. A video stabilizer like DJI Osmo would come in handy for those who are prepared to spend money.

Taking photos:
Avoiding glare and mirror effect in the large windows of the model, is always the biggest problem. That's why I sometimes close all shutters and work with borrowed photographer lamps. Not my favorite - I prefer natural daylight. But then again, it should not be too bright..
Photo shooting is a lengthy process because I try different light situations in a south/east facing room (am, pm, artificial...) to be able to select the best.
A little cramped in my 'village'...

Select and enhance shots:
Because I am not all that good (yet..) with Adobe Photoshop Elements, I perfer to use the Mac Photo program to enhance - where necessary.
But before I get to that I have to select!!! I first sort them all into room categories. And then mark those worthwhile looking at again. So it goes... until I am down to a good dozen shots per room.

Then the critical eye becomes extremely critial:
- Everything straight? No? Grr... need to re-take the shot
- Specks on the floor? Easy - use the little fix-it plaster in Mac Photos
- Is the background realistic? No? Grr... need to re-take the shot
- Is there glare? ... off into the delete baskets and take a new shot
- is the focus where I want it do be? Adobe Elements can help a bit ...
- And it is bright enough? Up to a certain extent, Mac Photos can take care of that...

Assembling the video from photos and video takes:
I do this with iMovie on my Mac. I use this since many years and the best tutorials I found are Gary's Macmost website.

I use various features of the program, such a stabilizing the video take, adjusting length of take, adjusting exposure, etc.
The photos I use (only horizontal takes!) become alive by using Ken Burns. It allows to put the focus to where is should be. iMovie does this automatically - but my choice is often different ;-)

So, this is how I finalize a model. Thought you might be interested in this.

My next blog will give you the links to the videos of this house.
Wintery and christmasy greetings from Switzerland

BTW: if anyone ever needs one of this large posters just let me know and I can either send you the file or the printed poster (on loan). These are the ones I have..

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