Sunday, November 12, 2017


Someone said that the sewing room was not messy enough!
So - here with some additional decoration
To this I added the ironing corner (with distilled water for the iron ... hihi)

I spent last weekend in Ludwigsburg at Ingrid's house and met up with Stephan and Joe for mini talk, Spätzle and Gulasch and a serious discussion about interpreting paintings!
And I collected a few things I have ordered...

Stephan Wein made the salad gear for me in silver...
he said that he will make a few more for Kensington Fair next spring...
Joeachim Kühner made a black rim (re-firing the plates) on the spaghetti bowls I bought in Chicago
Now, my dining table looks like this:
... fiddly project to make the parmigiano cheese...

Ingrid Auer made this beautiful wrath

And this was certainly not planned!! But I could not resist getting this beautiful tree she made
iccles are hand-blown glass ... incredible detail!

Yes, the roof is in the making... looks already convincing from the inside ;-)
great moment when I could mount the spotlights!
These are the news from my side...
Ah, exept this: it looks as that interview with 'thedailymini' last month triggered off something. Shortly after that was published, Shapeways asked me to feature my work...

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