Friday, October 27, 2017

Sewing area upstairs

I was in Provence for two weeks ... prolonging the summer.

Our friends' house we rent every year. It is adjacent to the one I buildt in mini ;.)

So, there was only minimal progress on my mini house.
Before adding the roof I had to complete the interior of the upper floor. This open space belongs to a hobby seamstress. Here we go...
The sewing macine with working light is from Fanaberi

Iron/ironing board are from Fanaberi

Here how I made the floor lamp:
I embedded the led in this plastic material

Then made the casing from styrene. Added a metal plate on top so that the light would no shine through - because the led is facing upwards! This way, the light sources are a little more difuse. I wanted something resembling a neon light...

Big honor: I was asked by Kate from 'dailymini' for this interview!

So, I think now I am ready to tackle the roof...
Have a great weekend!

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