Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Update Modern Wood House - September 2017

This coming Friday I am off the my annual stay in Provence! And with the beautiful weather and my new e-bike all mini activities moved a bit to the background.

Alas - when trying to get off the bike three days ago - in an 'artful' way - my foot took a beating!
Good side of it: I now have ample time for an update before leaving 😃.. and with today's medicine nobody really has be in pain..
The dicy side of this: not sure yet whether I can manage the 8-hour drive on Friday ... will see...

I wanted to use the semi-precious gem stones and composed this.
Covered wood dowels with real concrete..
Once the roof is in, I can install the spotlights as well.
I tried various ideas and this one worked best: I used various sizes of metal end sleeves for electrical strands (you get them at electrical supply shop), bulbs from Nalladris and a U-shape styrene piece.

And I made the banisters for the upper floor.
Messed up again with superglue and perspex - will I ever learn?
So, I made this image to keep this firmly in my mind:
The thing to use is the double sided 3mm or 6mm tape!

And then installed the handrail for the stairs. Mind you, not just handrails - I added indirect lighting!! This proved to be a bit more difficult than I thought. I prepared a nice wooden handrail and when I inserted the lightstrip it actually shone through!  grrr...

After more trials I used an L-shaped styrene strip, covered the sides with wood strips, added brackets, then inserted the light strip and fiddled around with hiding the wires...

To imagine something is one thing - getting it to work out is another  😊 ! 
It would have been nicer with a solid light strip... but I have not come across something like that in mini, yet
Addendum Nov. 17: 
- one could use white perspex and add the led strip behind it. The further the distance, the less you see the light sources and the perspex becomes evenly lit.
- Another suggestion I got (after finishing the lights...): use 4.5V instead of 12V for these lights. They will not be that bright - a good thing for indirect.

So, now fingers crossed for my driving ability... back with updates end of October or so...
Hugs to all.

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