Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Bedroom, Bathroom, Walk-in Cupboard

It has been a while since I updated. The summer was fantastic and full of activities, I became an e-bike lover and with my friend Ursi we are scouting the region now!
And I got this urge to clean out - it is wonderful to have half-empty cuboards 👍. Cellars will be next ... when the days are shorter again.

So, mini-wise this is where I am at now:

I completed the guest toilet:
please note the Gameboy and the matchbox...

the bathroom:

... I love Jodi's faucet..

the bedroom:

and the walk-in closet.

The two wet rooms will get skylights once I do the roof.

The loft area is dedicated to the hobby of the person living in this house - she loves sewing 😀
It will be fun to place all the things I bought for this...

And here something that I tested and am very, very happy with:
This 'jeweller's glue' attaches e.g. metal hinges to perspex or painted wood.

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