Thursday, August 4, 2016

Entrance finished!

A month has gone already since my last blog entry! Enjoying outside was further up on my list than working on the house - but I did finish off a few things...

The advantage: it gave me a bit of distance from it all and I suddenly knew how to furnish and decorate so that it looks realistic.

Decided to use modern coat hooks and wall lamp as a contrast to the door
Look, I just unpacked the shoes home from Patricia Santi!
Tried to make the sneakers from Pepper - but that was even extremely fiddly.
So I settled for espadrilles...
It is the door from Pipi that makes it all so magic!
And all my baskets now found a home ...
And Francisco's lamp looks perfect on this commode.
Please note the electrical socket ... ;-)
(Staircase not attached yet - hence not straight)

New table lamps I made! My passion....
a lamps, of course...

with wood
with beads
with stone
Pictures for the lounge
Did the flooring on the upper floor using balsa strips - ready for decorating now
and I filled the dresser shelves
Does anybody have an idea how to make the tile roof (spanish barrel type)? The plastic sheets look terrible and real clay tiles are going to be too heavy. Gratful for any ideas..


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