Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Lounge, Pots, Plants, roof tile test

About the lounge, dining area and kitchen...
A big moment when I could install the modern 'metal' doors I made a few months back already.
They open an close because I fed a steel wire through the hollow frame (brass) on the side, inserted 1mm of the wire into the frame of the upper part window and the wood strip at the bottom.

This lower part outside wall was supposed to be fixed so that I could attach lights outside. But alas - plans change as one goes along... no working lights outside ;-) but able to have a full view of the ground floor.

short description: making of

About the roof....
Thanks for everybody's input and ideas. Spent time on researching hoping I could find ready made terracotta barrel-type roof tiles. No such luck up to now...
So - rainy weekend was perfect for testing different materials to make them myself.
Here my findings

About the garden....
Was busy making flowers from Pascale Garnier. The hortensia was the toughest, the lavender like a walk in the park...

I realized that I needed more pots for the garden though and found old coffee capsules in my box (Tschibo or Chicco d'oro - they are identical and the right size).

I primed them and gave them a first coat with terracotta clay slick mixed with white chalk paint. But the color was not intensive enough. So I did a 2nd and 3rd coat with terracotta clay slick mixed with a little white glue.
the square one is made from foamboard

I added a ribbon to the rim on this one

I did not want them to look too new and I dry painted them with a little mossy green and chalk white.
Very carefully... because you cannot sand them (without ruining everything) !

About recognition....
And to top it all: my container home model made it onto the front page of U.K. Dolls' House Magazine :-)

PLEASE NOTE: I do not expect praise for each new blog from you.
I am just happy to share my diary with you...  :-)


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