Monday, August 10, 2015

Industrial aspects

Last week, I joined the two containers, did the wiring and the floor. I  found these great basswood panels at and took a bit of a shortcut since I wanted a light and non-glossy floor ;-). Worked like a charm - except that not all of these boards were identical in color and it took a bit of fiddling around to give it a uniform look. If it was single boards this would have looked natural, but with 6 in a row it definitely looked odd! Next time I make a note to them when I order so that they select the panels according to color...
Centre unit not attached yet - but needed to see what it would look like ;-)
I then was able to measure the exact base frame, cut out the openings for the prongs of the fork lift and inserted the hooks for the closing things for the doors. 
Because I definitely was not keen on producing 16 identical 1mm thick (!) corners by hand I had them done in 3D printing a while ago - ready when the big day comes.
Here the parts I worked with
.. resulting in realistic lower framework

Next were the hinges and fittings on the (one and only) original container door. That took some thinking because I wanted it to open so that one can see the utility part with the electrical main board and boiler behind it. I put a socket in there as well for attaching the lights that will be in the roof part.

So, it now looks very impressive with all these fitting and rods :-) The opening next to it is for the house door - still undecided on what this should look like.
Just need the lock for the chain... I will eventually find one in the right size.

And just for the fun of it: the letterbox is ready for the postman!

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