Sunday, August 23, 2015

Doing a bit of interior stuff: entrance and bedroom

Seeing the decorating concept coming together is fun and so rewarding! And I am so pleased to finally find a coat that looks perfect hanging, without the usual stiffness to it :-) It was made by Bette Jo Chudy of Shadow Box miniatures - a bit of find because there is not much of her work in the internet. My supplier was Kirsten Faust. 

The only issue in the bedroom was whether to have more storage space above the bed. But then - this house is so tiny that every possibility has to be used!
Storage even under the bed ;-)

'Dream' made by Carol Mitcheson

Cupboard fronts and shelving all done with foamed PVC 1mm
Candle in the jar from Roni Bailey
Taking photos in these small spaces is another issue - very few I can take horizontally.
But I don't think that this matters much...

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