Saturday, September 5, 2015

Making the Entrance Door

I must have smelled that this entrance door is going to be a challenge! The amount of time I spent on it is staggering...

I wanted it to be a real one fitting into a frame and shutting tight. And I wanted the hinges to be hidden. And different on the inside and outside. And obviously open and close. Mhh...

I started by making an inside frame/door with 2mm foamed PVC with the idea of hiding the hinges between the the inside and outside frame.
In order to really secure the hinges in the existing 'steel' container frame there was only one thing to do: empty the house, turn it on its side and use the Dremel to cut grooves into the 2mm plastic wall!

I was nervous to mess up but it worked, sigh...

I used a 3mm foam board between the two doors so that I could press the hinges into the foam and the two door parts would really fit together without a gap. 

... now to modern door handles with a key hole...
I looked at these old fashioned brass handles it came to me in a flash!
 I took them apart, filed the knob flat on both sides, added a piece of silver band and spray painted it!

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