Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Old Farmhouse Roombox x2

I liked this room box so much that I am keeping it!
This meant: I have to make a 2nd one for my friend in South Africa ... haha

It is a little less detailed (only visible for model builders :-) without working lights. But most likely it  fits her more traditional view of an old farmhouse room better; checkered curtains and all. Actually, I am convinced that she will love this.
Used a ready made dresser...

wonderfully painted chest (not by me.. haha)

no cladding...
The chest for my room box still needs painting - but that is in the making...


Since I am running out of table space for more houses I decided to do a model that can be hung on a wall - something like a large room box.

It will be part of an old locomotive shed with brick walls, metal structures and all. I was inspired on my train trip to the Mini Fair in Milan a couple of months ago - loads of derelict sheds next to the railway lines.
Inside I plan a modern loft living situation.
Working with different materials will be super learning curve again... something I really enjoy.

The dry fit is done! It was wonderful working outside in the garden again - especially with that Cornus tree blooming and smelling wonderful!

I am busy with designing the stairs and hope that it works out. At the show in Rheda (Germany) last week I decided against using the ready made metal cirular stairs - the were too 'lovely' for an industrial loft like this one.


Spending the weekend with my friends Elisabeth Elsner von Gronow, Alexandra Cantatore from Milan, Joachim Kühner (porcelain painting), Stephan Wein (goldsmith) with dog Trudi and Marion Kröller was a joy! I had a little display of my 3D stuff at Elisabeth's stand.

And I bought loads of hardware, special wood strips, kitchen applicances from Minifanaberia and glass from Ray Storey, a sterling silver horse from Stefan Wein and I will try this led strip from John Kilner for indirect lighting.

So, this is is for the moment. Let me get back to the stairs project - a rather challenging task 😏

Hugs, Marion

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