Monday, April 30, 2018

Old Farmouse Room Box, part 3

I managed to make a typical old pully-lamp over the table!
At the tackle shop I found some lead weights, used a miniature castor, a bowl from my Shapeways shop (sanded, primed and glossy spray) and a 12v bulb light from Nallardris.

The curtains are done as well. These tablecloth weights come in very handy: I first sew the top to fit in a rod and then soak the cloth with water/white glue mixture and let it dry with the weights to get natural pleats. I first tried with the pleater but it looked much too formal for this room...
With this method I didn't have to make hems on the side or the bottom - just cutting the curtain to the right width and length without fringing!
The little crucifix is so great! Got it via Etsy from Maria Josè

So, this is where I am today...

And then the spinning wheel, of course. 
I had one 3D printed but still had to add some parts myself because it could not print it.

To me it looks pretty good - but I will check out the German mini craft scene when I go to the fair in Rheda next month.  Just in case there is wooden one...

Next is the chest which I have painted by someone - just sent it to her. There is a limit to what I am good at - and painting flowers definitely crosses that line 😉

Happy mini building!

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