Monday, April 6, 2015

Bathroom Renovation

My model building is not very active at the moment: business is great and that obviously comes first.
And: I am renovating a real one-bedroomed apartment!!

No 'doing-it-all-myself' - need to organize and rely on plumber, electrician, tiler, carpenter and other suppliers. 
The 30-year old kitchen needs to be replaced - but that will not be a major issue.
It is the rather dated bathroom that gave me a headache: 4m2 is not a lot of room to play with and I do not want to spend a fortune either.

The choice of ceramics, tiles and all that stuff is nearly too much! Decisions, decisions... but I eventually had to decide.

As a passionate miniaturist I thought that I better make a model first... hihi
Now I know what this tiny bathroom should look like :-))

The downlight made me realize that there was not enough light in the shower area!
I am thinking of adding an LED strip to the left side of the mirror cabinet..

Whether I really find this kind of basin with cabinet? Not sure, probably will have to settle for a square one...

Will update you with pix once it is all done!

Update June 21st 2015: all completed in real life! Unfortunately I could not source a round vanity, but I like the square one, too.

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