Thursday, March 22, 2018

Old Farmhouse Room Box

I seem to be doing projects that are a little different from my contemporary style ;-)
But I seem to have friends who are fond of different styles than me. And this box is for Anja in Greyton, Cape Region South Africa.

She lives on the country side in a small village and is into spinning and weaving since a long time. When I visited her a couple of months back, she gave me some of her finer weaves and asked me to do a room box with a spinning wheel for her.

So, this is the progress I have made so far, using poplar plywood 6mm for the box.
Deciding on the color of wood dye was not easy... here making sure
that the weights will keep the wall panel straight while drying

I decided to do the walls and floor first and then only assemble the box.
Used trimmed popsicle sticks for the floor, glued them right on the floor but used weights and all.
Sanded and polished with walnut wax.

And then came the typcial walnut cabinet that one finds in every farmhouse here in Switzerland.
Used walnut stain/glaze (all in one, in German it is called 'Lasur').
Love the color but it turned out a little busy.  Ah well..
The locks are in the making. I have an ambitious vision ...
I will use a plotter for the key plates and am talking to someone in Etsy about the keys.

Today was the big day where I could hammer all this together! YEAH!!

Ceiling in the making...

Just wanted to share the with you. The piece of white wall is for the tile stove to come...

Hugs, Marion

P.S. I have my son staying with me after a knee operation (accident kite-surfing) and I kept him busy making miniature CAD drawings! Great way to pay for his food and lodging 😏
Once I have printed and painted them all, I will show them in my Shapeways shop.

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