Monday, May 8, 2017

This and that...

I am a bit stuck with my beach hut: Pierluigi (Pimini) from Italy has not sent me the two-plate gas hob yet. Because I cannot get to the kitchen area once I glue the house together, the walls are just taped together, at the moment.
Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

With all the goodies I got in Chicago this hut is more than full... 😏. Not quite my usual style - but then my son reckons is looks like a perfect hang-out for the surfers! He added the binoculars and got me to make a weed plant ... a must have for the boys 😉
Outside shower has still to be installed

Please note the beer crates - a rare find!

Not only did I learn how to make a boat and carve surfboards - but with excellent tutos I made as well a fishing net and glass floats!

Another issue is how to photograph this properly? I mean, Switzerland is not exactly known for sandy surf beaches 😏 I know quite a few sandy spots at the lakes but - surprise - there are always mountains in the back!!
Any ideas are welcome!

But I was busy with other things as well. I added more chairs to my Shapeways shop - mainly modern ones. They turned out great but sanding and painting them does usually take some time...
Sturdy Softshell Chair - difficult to cover with fabric so I opted with chalky paint

Dainty...I am amazed how they can print this!

This is as is with legs and all

This model is 'seat only' and I attached real wooden legs - took me a while ;-)

The industrial lampshade is great as well and I want to try this asap. Because it can be printed in metal it should hang perfectly.

Printed in matte black steel - a bit too rough for my liking,
I will try a different polished metal next time

And then I started my next project!!
More about this in my next blog...
And yes - it is definitely not a room box!

Here what I would like to share with you though:

Just dicovered wood veneer fabric from Halbach!
This opens new possibilities...
For minis the 'stone' s best because of the fine grain

Not sure if you know this tool - but I simply could not do without it!
Measurement marking ruler -- also available in metric version

So, enough for today!
Regards, Marion 

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