Thursday, April 6, 2017

Vacuum Forming a Miniature Boat with Styrene

Every Beach Hut needs at least a rowing boat!

After countless trials making this with thin balsa strips I was a bit at a loss.
But then I chatted with Dorota from Miniafanaberia about styerene and this got me onto the right track!

I made the shape of the boat with foamboard layers and after thorough google video research about vacuum forming, I gave it a shot because I had a few glossy 2mm styrene sheets anyway (stashed away because I thought I would never use them..).

First I made the vacuum box using a plastic box, made a hole big enough for the vacuum sucker, and closed the box with wood and plenty of wholes in it.

I tried with two kind of frames.

Sheet tacked onto the frame and sits on TOP of the box: good for small items because there is less styrene waste

Sheet is clamped between two frames and is LARGER than the box: good when you need the entire sucking area of the box

The great thing though: it worked first time!! And this with rather thick 2mm styrene....

Only with the surf board the first try was not ok because the styrene was not long enough in the oven

I made three of them because it was so easy 😀. Cut them into three different heights.

Added 2x1mm rim on top with super glue. 

And here the finished product (anchor and fishing net missing..)!

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