Monday, June 20, 2016

Working with Versi Flags Flooring

After all this I am now highly qualified in laying tiles!

And I have to admit that I had to rip out the entrance area again after I messed it up with the grouting... grr. But it was only a question of patience - and having enough spare tiles ;-)

I got them from MinimumWorld and they are great because one side is sandstone and the other slate - so, one has the choice. I opted for sandstone inside.

I drew some lines to help me keep the directions.After trying a number of glues, Pritt stick worked best and was least messy.

Once dry, I did NOT varnish them but spread polyfiller on the entire surface - covering everything with a VERY fine coat.
Just to immediately wipe it off with a damp cloth. Looked as nothing was left ....

... but after 4 minutes it shows that a thin white film remains. Perfect because I wanted a more homogenous look - without this 'whitewash' the floor seemed to busy.
Weights come in handy as well...
I made a test to see what varnishing the floor would do - and it showed that the white did disappear somewhat. So, I left it unvarnished, even though a little shine would have looked great as well. Can't have it all!

Here what it looks when all is dry. In the background under the newspaper hides that great door I got from Pipi Turner! Fitting it without a door frame meant that I had to polyfill around... will show you once I have it perfect.

Take care

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