Thursday, May 5, 2016

Revealing my new project - the 'Lagnes' house

After three months of trials and samples I could raise the first walls!

I designed the house based on a real property that was for sale in Lagnes (near Avignon). It is in the middle of a village - the last house in the street. So, it has a bit of a garden on the one side and a view to the west - ideal...
Buying it was no option because the only fun would be the rebuilding part - and with a 7 hour drive one way (and French builders...) this seems a bit crazy next to running a business ;-).
That is why Mini is wonderful: I still can make the dream come true without really having all the hassle!

Because it is a real-life situation I was limited with the design of the house - it had to fit into the village and street: 2 storeys, no balconies, low pitched roof, etc.

Finding the best way to create the stone walls was the biggest challenge up to now. And I had my architect friend Francisco from Miniarquitect in my back, constantly challenging me to make it even more realistic. Thanks Francisco - I needed that push from you!

I made all the windows - they are ready for installation.

For all you window builders: AFTER I finished my windows I get the clever idea of having handles designed in 3D ;-) .
They are available in my Shapeways shop. I made an opening to of 1.2mm so that a wire or stick can be fed through it!

The first room that I can now present is the guest cloakroom :-)
I have not received the versi flags stones for the floor yet and worked with the little I had.
oops, the lampshade has to be adjusted....

And I finished the typical provencal fireplace (foam board).
Probably heading for the Paris miniature show in June to meet a few FB friends who are making great deco and miniatures. This chair is from Jena Jangren's shop Miniatyrmama - all the way from Sweden!

Keep u posted!

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