Thursday, March 23, 2017

Chicago Fairs this April

Hi my dear friends and followers!

I am just wondering if any of you will be there in April as well.

It would be fun to meet up and do a f2f over a cup of coffee or so ... 😎 🍹

I can be found at the Tom Bishop Show and at the Miniature Show (the link does not work since about 10 days... grr..).

If so, let's organize this via my regular mail address:


BTW: As always - after making a model from scratch I think it would be great to share it with the mini community.  And so, I just added a new chair to my Shapeways shop...

Monday, March 6, 2017

Beach Hut Kit

After all these large house I built during the past years, I am running out of storage space!!

So, this is a smaller project using a pre-fab (mdf) from the dollshousebuilder in the U.K.

Bashing it and covering the walls with siding still offers plenty of room for creativity...

As a first I covered the inside and outside walls.
I used a 'plank' for the inside. Only 0.8mm thick!

The overlap clapboard outside siding I could only find in the U.S., 2mm thick.
Both are great because they are so thin!

And I covered the floors with veneer.

Making these sash windows was a 'first' for me: I used 1mm thick wood to make them look as dainty as possible.

For the round window I found something suitable in the plumbing section of the hardware shop...

I was so excited to finally find a local wood supplier in Switzerland after all my mini building activity! And not just online - he even has a shop about 50km away! And he has the full range of Everlast plastic products are well.
Rummaging around there was like being in heaven :-)

Now busy trying to integrate basics in this tiny inside space..

I keep you posted.